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5 dj megan

We have been working with Laura Papritz for over a decade. She is like one of our family. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the industry and has incredible contacts. Laura also has amazing strategies for buying and selling homes and has a personal touch that can’t be beat. She is fun and easy to work with and the exact person you want greeting buyers at the front door of your open house. I can’t say enough about this agent. We will never use anyone else.

5 user57538928

The most professional agent I’ve ever worked with. Her one and only goal was to find not just a house, but the perfect housed based on criteria we gave here. I would never deal with anyone else in the future.

5 riki thompson

I have bought two houses and sold one with Laura, and every time it was a great experience. Laura is great because she listened to my priorities and helped me figure out which properties to follow up on. I am a researcher and was tempted to spend a great deal of time doing my own research, but Laura quickly proved to me that she was much more efficient and could save me lots of time and energy. The other thing that makes working with Laura so great is that she foresees problems with properties and is aware about what to ask for and negotiate during the offer process; there were so many things I would never have thought of, and would be wishing I knew, had it not been for Laura. Laura also had great referrals to help me deal with repairs after I bought my home, including a rental agent when it was time to rent out my property. I would highly recommend Laura, especially for the Maple Valley community!

5 goodbye15

When looking to relocate from Snohomish County we inquired with friends who moved to Maple Valley and they referred us to their agent Laura Papritz. We were so glad we inquired since Laura from the start showed us she takes interest in her clients. Laura Papritz has great qualities that are sought after in real estate: honest and trustworthy, assertive, excellent at negotiation, and communicates well with all parties. She met with us several times over the phone and in person to get a sense of our goals. Laura welcomed our wish list besides asking us questions about types of homes and researched all possible listings. Laura Papritz always keeps the interest of her clients in mind and worked to find a home within our budget. Our new home met our wish list and more due to the time the property came on the market but also having Laura Papritz to represent us. She is an expert when it comes to the competitive market place. When it came to writing the offer, she created a strategic plan which she presented well and our offer won out several bids. She also provided us with leads for inspectors, an insurance broker, and shared her knowledge of Maple Valley and the surrounding area. Again we highly recommend Laura Papritz if you want to purchase or sell a home since she is a Premier agent with a proven track record.

5 cmemories10

From experience we now understand that a local agent may not be best to represent the sale of a home. It’s imperative you find an agent who takes the time to meet with you to review the history of your home you want to sell. Our 1950s home had all the major repairs, like sewer line and plumbing, without a remodeled kitchen, but Laura Papritz was able to see the value and peace of mind to perspective buyers. We are so grateful Laura Papritz helped us find our dream home in King County and was willing to sell our home in Everett. She goes above and beyond what most agents would do when it comes to getting the home ready for showing and she made several trips round trip 100+ miles often in traffic. Laura has an eye for staging but also offers encouragement to sellers with the overwhelming task of preparing a home and property for the market. Laura also recruited a local John L Scott agent who knew the area for prospective buyers to assist with the open house. She researched comparables to price our home at the ideal list price which brought in multiple offers in the first weekend. Laura was very knowledgeable to assist us in selecting the best offer to close the sale of our home. She also made sure our buyers were also taken care of when their agent was absent which made a positive impression. We are very impressed with Laura Papritz who is passionate about her work, so we can easily see why she is a Premier agent.

5 jhamilton311

Laura’s service was very professional and her knowledge of the area where we moved to was impeccable. She was very patient with us and spent many hours taking us to view homes all over the area. She knew our budget and home requirements and was very honest with us on what homes she thought would suit our needs best. Laura worked diligently with the mortgage company to get us into our new home within three weeks from offer acceptance to close. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Thank you so much, Laura and team!

5 krazykidchris

Working with Laura was great! Has lots of experience knows many tips and tricks to help you out in the buying process. I would recommend her to friends in a heartbeat. She walked us through the entire process and even had the patience to deal with us, haha. A great resource, gets to know you, and know what you are looking for. She’s able to narrow down the home search quickly to what you want and takes much of the headache out of the whole process. When you get to know her, it’s obvious she’s very good at what she does. She’s busy but she seems to always make time for you, which makes you feel special.

5 kibergeron

From the very first contact, Laura has been more than I could have imagined an agent would be. This is my first home buying experience and her knowledge and assistance is invaluable to me. She is able to explain all aspects of the process thoroughly and makes me feel comfortable asking any question. She listens, learns what you are looking for and works to help you find it. Even during this busy time of the year, Laura has been quick to respond to emails and is good about reminding us of timelines. Both my husband and I trust her expertise and advice. I can’t imagine having anyone else take me through this process. I feel like she is a friend who cares about my family’s future.

5 zuser20151203162009119

We listed our house with Laura and she was great. From the open house to acceptance of an offer. She always made sure we knew where we were at in the process and what all of our options were. She came recommended by my parents, and I would recommend her to anyone.

5 blia h xiong

Laura has been a wonderful and very helpful agent to my husband and I! She’s well-knowledgeable and thorough of her work. She’s open-minded and she takes the time to understand my husband and my expectations of what we’re looking for. She’s very responsive to her emails and calls. She has a great personality and I am honestly happy to be introduce to Laura from a friend, who was also a client of Laura’s. I’m definitely referring Laura to any of my friends and family who is looking to buy a house. If I’m selling my house and house hunting again in the future, Laura is on my speed dial!

5 letym 3

Laura looks after our interest in a professional manner and listens very carefully to our requests . Help us find financing company and created a search area targeting our desired future home neighborhood.

5 user07782941

Extremely patient and knowledgable! Goes the extra mile to understand her client and what they are really looking for. She drove over an hour to see our current home to get an idea of what we are looking for.

5 sengvue0

Laura is a phenomenal agent. She has a wealth of knowledge about the home buying process and really tries to understand the needs of her clients. She’s helped me with 3 transactions, a home purchase in 2007, selling in 2011, and another home purchase in 2015. All 3 transactions went smoothly and she continues to impress me with her thoroughness to details. She was very flexible with her time in all three transactions, willing to meet on the weekends and Fridays in the heat of traffic. Her wealth of knowledge is attributed to her experience. I can’t remember a question she didn’t have an answer for. If she couldn’t answer a question, she always found someone on her team who did. I was really impressed with her team of recommendations (lendor, home appraisal, etc) for our latest 2015 home purchase. It was really a one stop service where all areas functioned very well together and communicated highly effectively. I never felt I was in the dark on the process. If you’re looking for someone to cross the “Ts” and dot the “I’s” during the transaction, she is the one. She had our best interests in mind when negotiating and if I had to purchase/sell again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call her.

5 marvin6478

Laura has been awesome to work with! She listened to our needs and never allowed us to settle for less because of time or budget concerns. Working with Laura was like dealing with a trusted and knowledgable friend, I was/ am sure that our best interests were priority #1 with her. If my family or friends ever are in need of a professional realtor I will send them to Laura without reservation! (I wish I could add a couple of stars…)

5 JohnDupras

We are currently working with Laura on finding a new house. Finding a new house in the current market is very stressful, and the desire to just buckle and pick a subpar house is high, but Laura has worked very hard to make sure we don’t do that. Laura is foremost concerned with helping us to find a house that’s all ours. Unlike some agents we’ve spoken with in the past, her main focus is not selling any house at all, but rather ensuring her clients find the place they truly want to be at. She is prompt at responding to emails, is readily available by phone, and is happy to meet us in the later hours which are necessary due to our jobs. We feel very fortunate to have found Laura on Zillow. If you get a chance to work with her, take it!

5 petti12

I had a strange hang up with the city of Kent, which stems back to King County (long story). Laura and her team worked hard for me and got me through it while I was on the other side of the state. I have worked with Laura twice now, and she does a great job working for you, even though she has other clients to deal with. Awesome personality, and I would recommend her to anyone in the market of buying or selling their house.

5 Rburnard

Well it’s done… the house has closed, and is now the proud possession of another family. I wish them many years of happiness in that fine house. Carol, and I lived there for just shy of 30 years, so during that time we built up a great “treasure chest” of memories. When the decision to sell was made, and the subsequent move to Florida finalized, the work began on getting the house ready for sale. We started to make some upgrades to rooms, and bathrooms, and I started getting rid of much of my “stuff.” That was extremely hard for me, because much of that “stuff” was full of memories, and disposing of good memories is never easy. Enter a wonderful lady by the name of Laura Papritz. We had heard good things about her, and the excellent job she had done for others, and when we first met, it was very clear to me that we had picked the right person to sell our home. She was very pleasant, organized, and understanding of our needs, and maybe, most of all, I had the impression the she was a person with integrity that could be trusted, and I was right. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Carol, and I had to leave for Florida before all the upgrades, and other work on the house was completed. This meant that we were some 3,000 miles away, and could not personally attend to all the details yet needing our attention… this is where she “jumped in,” and with willingness, and skill, handled every challenge. She kept us informed about any, and all work being done, and when it was a matter of finding the best contractor/company to do the job, she always found a way to help us save money while getting good quality results. Her willingness to handle all the many details relieved Carol, and I of a tremendous amount of stress. I must say too that I have been very impressed with your colleague, Randy Nguyen. It has been a pure joy to work with Randy. He is very efficient, and did a great job of keeping us informed, and answering the many questions that “popped up” during such an operation as selling a house. Thank you Randy. Yes, our house of many years is sold, and life goes on. Leaving our house, and turning it over to others was not easy, but Laura, with her “easy going way,” her professionalism, her skill, her efficiency, and integrity, made this journey for us, sooo much more pleasant. We cannot thank her enough. Thank you Laura, and Randy for a job exceedingly well done!!! Roger, and Carol Burnard

5 mikeb toney

Laura was outstanding in helping us list and sell our house in Maple Valley. Her extensive experience and training in real estate were obvious form the moment we met to discuss possibly enlisting her as our real estate agent. She demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the local market and of trends and issues involved in selling a house. We were pleased with her ability to present statistical data in ways we could understand as we determined a fair listing price. Laura also explained the total process so that we were not surprised by the many things that happened between the listing and closing. She explained the strategies she used to attract potential buyers and agents representing buyers. When multiple offers came in Laura brought them to us and again used her professional and personable talents in helping us decipher the offers. We are certain her professionalism and personal touches were the main reasons our house sold on the first weekend of its listing.

5 iacomini1

Moving from Arizona, we had no familiarity with Washington. Laura was excellent in being our “remote” shopper. Laura first took time to interview us to understand our needs and our desires. I never felt rushed; she asked all the right questions and listened to what I thought was important. She never pushed out side our budget. Our first trip we toured several houses – she wanted to get feedback on what we liked and what we didn’t like. I never felt pressured to buy right away. Through her thorough attention to our comments, requirements, and desires, she eventually could quickly assess for us what we may like and what we probably would not like. She nailed it every time which made shopping for a house from another state very productive. She would video houses for us so that we could get a sense of the property before flying to see the house in person. Her advice was always as an advocate for our needs and she was careful not to judge or press upon us her own likes/dislikes. She is smart and knowledgeable about the market. Sometimes she would get busy with other clients and not respond to emails right away but when the house buying processes was moving or we were in the area – we had her undivided attention. She was always there immediately when we needed her (even on a Friday night at 9PM or Sunday morning… didn’t matter). You have to be timely in the Maple Valley market and she knows that and makes her self available. At the end of the process, she found us a house that we absolutely love and has done a great job pulling it across the finish line.

5 ndepiano2713

She was great. Made it real easy on me. Made me feel like she was on my side. I believe she truly wanted to find the RIGHT house for me. I highly recommend her again.

5 bmmohlman08

My partner and I were finally ready to purchase our first home and knew someone who had worked with Laura before. Her services came highly recommended so we decided to take the plunge and go with her. She was very knowledgeable and walked us through the whole process- going step by step with infinite patience, quelling our fears and answering our every question. Her assistant Randy was amazing as well! He was super responsive and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We feel Laura really advocated for us during closing and got us everything we asked for. We absolutely love our new home and we could not have done it without Laura and Randy’s assistance. I would highly recommend both of their services to new home buyers- they really know their stuff and make the potentially stressful process a cakewalk. If we ever buy or sell another home we will definitely use their services again. Thank you Laura and Randy!

5 wulongmercs

The home-buying process can be quite intimidating for first time buyers such as my wife and I. Fortunately, Laura and her team were there to help guide us through the entire process. Laura was very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Thank you for helping us find the perfect home!

5 kkpkayleigh

Laura was so wonderful to me while I was purchasing my first home. She went out of her way to accommodate my schedule, and gave honest opinions on the ups and downs of each house. Her team during closing was wonderful as well. Would recommend her in a heartbeat.

5 user0319941

Laura Papritz and Team provided the most professional, thorough and honest selling experience I could’ve hoped for. Laura and her team kept us informed from our initial meeting to the date of closing. She provided us with easy to follow recommendations that allowed us to prepare, list and sell our house quickly and efficiently. Our house was listed and closed within 30 days and we received top dollar for our home. I felt Laura served as an expert and an advocate in ensuring transactions and communications between parties went seamlessly. Prior to working with Laura, I did not believe a real estate transaction could be a positive one, but Laura made our selling experience truly rewarding. I hope to use Laura as a resource for any future real estate transactions and I highly recommend her to anyone selling a home.

5 temporaryjunkmail

Love her. Very helpful and accomodating through the process. Great personality, and really genuine. Available outside normal work hours when we needed her, and very responsive to emails, phone calls. I’d definitely use her services again. Zillow only allows 1 review per real estate transaction, and I don’t want to leave out Randy, her co-worker. He is equally as impressive. Very responsive when needed. Went above and beyond in email communications and explained the process in detail at various points along the way through the complex process of buying a house.

5 kknox55

Excellent experience. We listed our home with a discount internet broker, that was a mistake. Laura and her team are the only way to go. We listed with Laura it sold fast. Thanks again Laura Papritz & Team.

5 user3346323

Easy to work with and listens to your requests. If your budget is “X” dollars then that is what she researches for you. No preasure to buy fast or above your budget. Often was able to preview homes for me and say yay or nay to even looking at them. Great knowledge of the lending process as well. If you want no preasure ,respect, and honesty then Laura is who you should use.

5 user3991916

Being a first time home buyer Laura made sure I understood the process before we moved onto the next steps. She was very understanding of my wants and needs in a home for me. Laura also was very flexible with her hours to show the homes (with in reason) and was organized and efficient with locations along a single route, which cut down on back tracking across the cities, also she was receptive to what i want in the first few homes we looked at, so when she screened the homes we looked at as the process went on, we didn’t waste our time and effort in looking at homes which i would say no to.

5 user23608505

As a fist time home buyer, I was very sceptical about trusting an agent with a major purchase. After explaining to Laura what my special requirements were for the home, she immediately went to work and provided me a list of homes that met my budget and needs. The process of buying a home became much simpler and very efficient, primarily because of Laura’s negotiating and communication expertise. The entire process took less than three months and I ended up getting a home that my wife and I both enjoy, and fits our medical needs. Thank you Laura for makign this process as efficient possible!

5 user18976044

This was our first house buying experience. Laura impressed from the start with her knowledge of the market, the first time home buying process, and local/regional knowledge of the area we wanted to move to. She very quickly assessed what we were looking for in a home, and was able to help us zero in on potential homes. She went above and beyond every time we had something going on, whether it was the actual house viewing process, the buying paperwork process, etc. She was able to teach us so much without being condescending or judgmental. We appreciated her candor, trusted her judgment, and felt comfortable and supported by her throughout the house buying process. She was a good advocate for our interests. We truly enjoyed working with Laura. Highly recommend!!!

5 user7340326

Laura was very helpful in helping us find our house. We felt she really listened to what we wanted and was on our side the entire process. Since we were coming from far away she would scout potential houses for us and give honest opinions about how we would like them. Her opinions were spot on every time.

5 user3544560

Laura was extremely knowledgeable about the local housing market. She was sensitive to our needs and listened to what we wanted. Her commitment to getting us in a house was shown throughout the entire short sale process. She is dedicated to her clients and a pleasure to work with.

5 peachykeen2306

We were recommended to Laura by our friend who had just bought his first house. We were expecting our second born and living with my in-laws while saving money to buy a house. The beginning of the loan process took longer than we anticipated because my husband is in construction, so we were in a hurry when we met Laura. She knew what we were looking for, our budget, and that we were in an “aggressive” search. She did a lot of work on her own to look for houses and combine our lists, met us and we looked at so many houses. She would find out as much info as she could for us on some of the houses as well to eliminate some from our list. The house we fell in love with was a short sale. She helped us format our offer to get a quick response from the bank. We wanted to close before the baby was born. Escrow messed up on the paperwork and she called our mortgage broker and whoever she could through the bank and Escrow to get to the bottom of it. She went over and beyond our expectations and she was understanding and compassionate about our situation. Buying a house is stressful, throw having a baby in the mix and it adds up. The baby came early and she was trying to stay in contact with the bank and Escrow in case we needed to sign papers while at the hospital. There were also certain things that needed to be done to the house for the loan to be approved. One was getting some water damage fixed in the bedroom, which she took care of for us. And some shrubs too close to the house needed to be cut back, and she went to the house to make sure that was done and cut some of it back herself because we had just had the baby. She was direct on her opinion on some of the houses that we looked at and loved how open we were to ideas and making a house OUR home. It was important for us to have someone who understood our rush and needs. She met and exceeded our expectations and we are so happy that we chose Laura to help us get into our home! It was a blessing to work with her!

5 kcdelatorre

We were new to the area and working with such an experienced, professional has been HUGE. Laura educated us on the area, community and school district. She was able to customized exactly what it was we were looking for not only in a home but in a community. Once we knew the area we wanted to be in, which was a small geographic area (approx. 5 miles x 5 miles) and very specific needs in a home, she customized a plan for our family. Laura is very efficient, diligent and resourceful in her profession and very personable, it was a pleasure working with her!

5 heatherofthevalley

This is the second time we enlisted Laura to help with selling a family home. The home was more than an hour away and was inherited through an estate due to my mother’s passing. Laura helped tremendously in dealing with the emotial and detailed transaction. It wasn’t easy because of the distance and legalities, but Laura made it much simplier and handled it both professionally and with sensitivity.

5 user7833324

Laura was great to work with, she listened to what was important and was always available. She made the home buying process really easy and we felt very comfortable with her.

5 nkjakajoshi

We were the first time home buyers, and when we first met Laura, we were still debating between buying a new home versus buying an old one. Laura took time to educate us the pros and cons of both those options. After deliberating a lot between me an my wife, we finally decided to go with a new construction home. Laura helped us get thru the entire buying process right from the day we booked a lot with the builder, till we closed. Closing date was about 10 months from the time we booked (due to builder delays), but Laura was available all the time to answer our questions. She is very prompt and knowledgeable. She even helped us find an insurance agent to help with our Homeowners Insurance. She is very resourceful and have lots of good contacts. She helped us find an experienced Home Inspector, and we are very thankful that we did an independent inspection even though it was a new house. Laura even helped us negotiate a few things with the builder that came up in the Inspection Report. Laura is very personable and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a house.

5 zuser20140529071419043

This is the second time I have relied on Laura and her outstanding skills to sell my home. Selling a home can be stressful however Laura provides sound advice, resourceful and she takes the stress out of the process. She is trustworthy, smart and has a wonderful sense of humor. I appreciated her voice of reason, professionalism, willingness to get the house inspection process wrapped up, and deal with tough issues head on.

4 FrankValdespino

she was very nice and helped to buy our first house. Only thing I would change was the communication could have been better , there was entire weekends that we didn’t hear from her but overall we liked her

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